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‘LOL外围’微软Win 10系统升级致USB摄像头罢工

‘LOL外围’微软Win 10系统升级致USB摄像头罢工

本文摘要:A Windows 10 update has stopped many popular webcams from working.日前,Win 10系统的一次升级早已让许多网络摄像头暂停了工作。


A Windows 10 update has stopped many popular webcams from working.日前,Win 10系统的一次升级早已让许多网络摄像头暂停了工作。The update, released earlier this month, stops many cameras being used for Skype or to broadcast and stream footage.在本月上旬公布的这次改版,使得许多摄像头既无法用作Skype网聊,也无法用来视频直播。The cause seems to be a change in the way Windows 10 handles video. Microsoft said it was working on a fix but has not given any date for when the patch will be available.导致这一现象的原因或许是因为Win 10系统处置视频的方式再次发生了转变。

微软公司回应,他们正在修缮这个问题,但是并没得出补丁可以用于的日期。Soon after Windows Update 1607 was distributed in early August, many people started reporting webcam problems to Microsoft via its support site.自从8月上旬Win 10改版1607版本公布以来,许多人都开始通过网站向微软公司报告摄像头问题。The trouble affected both webcams connected via USB cables or on the same network and meant either that footage could not be streamed, or that images froze after a while.不受这一问题影响的摄像头既还包括用USB相连的设备,也还包括同一网络里的摄像头,这意味著视频既无法播出,图像也无法长时间表明。

Analysis put the blame on changes to the video encoding systems with which Windows 10 works.分析结果将这一问题归咎于Win 10系统视频编码系统的转变。The update ends support for two widely used encoding systems so it became possible for more than one application to use video as it is being shot. Prior to the update Windows 10 only allowed one application access to a stream.Win 10反对两个用于很普遍的视频编码系统,如此一来,在摄制视频的时候就可以有多个软件来处置这个视频。


在Win 10改版之前,一次不能运营一个软件处置视频。A Microsoft camera engineer who responded to complaints on the support thread said the company had done a poor job of letting people know about the change.一名微软公司摄像头工程师对网站上的抨击责怪作出了对此,他回应微软公司做到得“很差劲”,未能让用户告诉这个转变。We dropped the ball on that front, so Id like to offer my apologies to you all, he said.他说:“在这件事上我们丢弃了链子,我想要向大家致歉。

”He added that Microsoft was working on a way to fix the problem and get webcams working again. The fix is likely to be released in September.他补足说,目前微软公司正在找寻方法来修缮这个问题,并让摄像头新的工作。修缮补丁有可能将不会在9月份公布。

Microsoft has yet to officially comment on the problem.微软公司目前仍未月就此事做出评论。



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