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【LOL外围】小扎新管家贾维斯亮相 巨星弗里曼为其配音

【LOL外围】小扎新管家贾维斯亮相 巨星弗里曼为其配音

本文摘要:Forget Siri. When Mark Zuckerberg wants an AI assistant, he recruits the Voice of God.别提Siri了。当马克.扎克伯格想一个人工智能助手时,他聘用了“上帝之音”。


Forget Siri. When Mark Zuckerberg wants an AI assistant, he recruits the Voice of God.别提Siri了。当马克.扎克伯格想一个人工智能助手时,他聘用了“上帝之音”。The Facebook CEO and cofounder posted a video teasing an artificial intelligence application on Tuesday that he built for his home, voiced by none other than actor Morgan Freeman.扎克伯格20日放了一段视频,视频中扎克伯格勾引起他为自家设计的人工智能应用于,而为其配音的正是摩根.弗里曼。

In October, Zuckerberg asked his followers for suggestions to be the voice for Jarvis, his AI tool inspired by Iron Man. Freeman was a top pick.扎克伯格10月时向粉丝征询为“贾维斯”配音人选的意见。这一人工智能工具的启发来自《钢铁侠》,而弗里曼出了选用。Zuckerberg personally called Freeman to ask him to do it. Robert Downey Jr. had also offered his services.扎克伯格特地打电话给弗里曼请求他配音。

小罗伯特.唐尼也明确提出不愿拜托。Like Amazons Alexa, Jarvis can be activated by voice (or by text) and connect with various objects in the home.贾维斯和亚马逊的Alexa相近,可以通过语音(或短信)转录,并能相连家中的各种物品。In the video, the assistant is shown adjusting thermostats, making toast for breakfast and buzzing Zuckerbergs parents into his home by recognizing their faces.视频中,这位助手正在调节恒温器,为早餐烤面包,还辨识出有扎克伯格的父母并请求他们进门。

Jarvis can also play music on command -- or choose not to, as the case may be.贾维斯也可以按命令播出音乐,或者根据具体情况也可以自由选择不播出。Play us some good Nickleback songs, Zuckerberg asks in the video. Im sorry Mark, Im afraid I cant do that, Jarvis responds with Freemans iconic voice. There are no good Nickleback songs.视频中,扎克伯格拒绝:“给我们播出几首五分钱合唱团的难听歌曲。”贾维斯用弗里曼的标志性声音问:“对不起,马克,我难道做到将近。

没五分钱合唱团的难听歌曲。”The video is intended to be a fun summary and not a live demo, according to Zuckerberg.扎克伯格称之为,这段视频是“一个有意思的总结,而不是一段现场展示。

”An actual demo provided to Fast Company proved to have a few more glitches when turning off lights and playing music.《慢公司》取得的视频样片表明,该应用于在关灯和播出音乐时又经常出现了几个小故障。Zuckerberg made it his New Years resolution to build a simple AI to run my home and help me with my work. The project proved more challenging than he expected.扎克伯格的新年目标是“发明者一个非常简单的机器人来管理自己的房子,老大他工作”。结果证明这个项目比他预期的极具挑战性。

He struggled to find appliances whose power could be controlled remotely by an app and had to figure out the nuances of language used to request songs. In total, he spent about 100 hours building Jarvis -- while running Facebook.他希望找寻可以通过应用程序远程遥控的设备,而且还要搞清楚歌曲催促中微小的用语差异。总之,他在经营脸谱网之余,花上了大约100个小时才打造出贾维斯。

As the CEO of Facebook, I dont get much time to write code in our internal environment. Ive never stopped coding, but these days I mostly build personal projects like Jarvis, Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post this week.扎克伯格本周在脸谱网上发帖称之为,“作为脸谱网的首席执行官,我没多少时间在公司内部撰写代码。但我根本没暂停过写代码,这些天我主要在打造出贾维斯这样的个人项目。”In the future, Zuckerberg hopes to build an Android app for Jarvis and connect it to more appliances and rooms in his home.未来,扎克伯格想要为贾维斯研发一款安卓应用程序,并将其相连到家中更好的设备和房间。



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