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本文摘要:Apple is expected to reportthe iPhone’s first annual decline in sales volumes this week, but in turnfuelling Wall Street’s hopes of a rebound in the run-up to Christmas.苹果(Apple)预计将于本周报告iPhone年销量首次下降,但这进而将提升华尔街对于在圣诞节前经常出现声浪的期望。


Apple is expected to reportthe iPhone’s first annual decline in sales volumes this week, but in turnfuelling Wall Street’s hopes of a rebound in the run-up to Christmas.苹果(Apple)预计将于本周报告iPhone年销量首次下降,但这进而将提升华尔街对于在圣诞节前经常出现声浪的期望。Apple is forecast to reportiPhone sales of about 45m units on Tuesday when it releases earnings for itsfiscal fourth quarter, according to analysts, marking the third successivequarter of decline for its flagship product. That would take total iPhone salesto 211m for Apple’s 2016 financial year, which is about 9 per cent lower thanthe previous year.据分析师回应,苹果将于周二公布第四财季盈利数据,预计将报告iPhone销量大约4500万部,这是该旗舰产品倒数第三个季度销量下降,令其苹果2016财年iPhone总销量超过2.11亿部,比上年上升大约9%。Though the drop has long beenanticipated by investors based on Apple’s guidance, the result is a starkturnround after Apple’s blockbuster 2015, which saw iPhone sales surgeby 37 percent to 231m, thanks to huge demand for the iPhone 6.尽管基于苹果的提示,投资者对这一下叛早已有所预期,但这是苹果2015年骄人业绩之后的一次显著巨变,在iPhone 6极大市场需求的推展下,该年iPhone销量剧增37%,至2.31亿部。


While the iPhone 6S was unableto sustain that level of growth, many on Wall Street have become moreoptimistic about the prospects for itsApple’s latest version modelafterAppleexecutives said last quarter that sales had passed the“low point”.虽然iPhone 6S无法维持这一快速增长水平,但许多华尔街人士对于苹果新版手机的前景早已显得更为悲观,此前苹果高管在上季度回应,销量已跨过“低点”。Mobile operators in the US andEurope, as well as some component suppliers, have voiced their confidence inearly sales of the iPhone 7, which some analysts say may also see an addedboost from Samsung’s withdrawal of its Note 7 smartphone following a spate ofbattery fires.美国和欧洲的移动运营商以及部分组件供应商已回应,iPhone 7的可行性销售形势让他们有信心;一些分析师回应,三星(Samsung)在一连串电池起火事件后投产Note 7智能手机,有可能也不会带给额外的增进。

Although iPhone unit sales areamong the most closely watched figures among investors when Apple reports itsquarterly earnings, analysts are also anticipating an increase to the averageselling price of a handset owing to the popularity of the iPhone 7 Plus, whichis sold out for weeks on Apple’s website.虽然在苹果的季度盈利报告中,iPhone销量是投资者最注目的数据之一,但分析师还预期手机平均值销售价格将减少,这得益于iPhone 7 Plus的最畅销,几周来该手机在苹果网站上仍然脱销。While many on Wall Streetanticipate that Apple’s smartphone sales will be little better than flat yearon year in the December quarter, more bullish investors are already looking ata larger wave of upgrades by customers when next year’s iPhone arrives.尽管许多华尔街人士预计,苹果智能手机在累计12月的季度销量比去年同期水平好没法多少,但较为悲观的投资者早已在盼望,明年iPhone公布后,不会有更大一波客户升级自己的手机。

After reporting earnings onTuesday, Apple is also expected to unveil new Macs on Thursday. Reporters havebeen invited to a press event at its Cupertino headquarters with the tagline“Hello again”. Many have interpreted the invitation as a reference to theoriginal launch in 1984, when the computer famously introduced itself with thewords “Hello, I am Macintosh”.苹果在周二公布盈利报告后,预计将在周四发售新的Mac电脑。记者们已收到参与在该公司库比蒂诺总部举办的新闻发布会的邀,其标语是“你好,又见面了。”许多受邀者将此邀与1984年初代机公布作比,当时的标语是“你好,我是麦金塔(Macintosh)”。



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